Lightning Strike Distance Calculator!!!

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Lightning Strike Distance Calculator

Stop guessing how far away lightning strikes occur from you and start knowing with precision! The Lightning Strike Distance Calculator takes advantage of your ability to spot lightning and hear thunder in order to calculate exactly how far lightning strikes occur from you during a storm!


•Calculate lightning strike distance with only the push of two buttons!
•Lightning strike distances displayed in meters, feet, and miles!
•Optional temperature input in Fahrenheit and Celsius for the
most accurate distance results!
•Beautiful user interface!
•In-App “HOW TO USE” instructions!


The Lightning Strike Distance Calculator uses simple atmospheric physics to calculate how far away lightning strikes occur from your position. When a lightning strike occurs, its light reaches our eyes instantaneously at the speed of light (983,571,056 feet/second). Thunder follows each strike but is delayed since it is only traveling at the speed of sound (1116 feet/second). Knowing this, when a lightning strike occurs we can measure how long it takes to hear the associated thunder in order to calculate its distance using simple math. To make the calculation as accurate as possible, air temperature can be factored. The speed of sound through air varies with temperature. Sound moves faster in warmer air than in colder air. The Lightning Strike Distance Calculator has an optional temperature input that can be used for the most precise results. In summary, you, the user, push the “Lightning” button at the instant you see lightning, which will start a timer. Once you hear the thunder, hit the “Thunder” button in order to stop the timer. These two actions alone will tell you how long it took you to hear the thunder associated with the lightning strike, and ultimately how far away a lightning strike was from your position. For more precise results, you can select the outdoor temperature before a lightning strike occurs, which will change the speed of sound variable in the equation to better represent the current conditions of the atmosphere.